Basic feature of the clean meat slicer.

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Foods enterprise establishments, business kitchens, restaurants and hotels nowadays all want to use multiple-work manufacturing slicers that could cut all kinds of meat. Contact Dai Nam if any customer has a need for a meat slicer or is wondering which line to choose. Definitely clients will probably be content with the ideal and a lot suitable item.

Let's sign up for Dai Nam to learn about 2 types of meat slicers today. Iced meat slicers and clean slicers.

General attributes of frozen meat slicer.

There are two basic forms of freezing meat slicers: auto or mechanized. Both types have quite similar structure including the blade part and the camera body, however. It is possible to refer to the ES-250 and ES-300 semi-intelligent iced meat slicers. For entirely automated slicers you have the SL300E range.

The blade employed for the iced meat slicer can be a rotating platter made from solid metallic forged below particular conditions. Which makes cutting blades with longer lasting sharpness and hardness.

Aside from, the blade is also backed by a durable physique made from lightweight aluminum alloy committed to the meals sector, very easy to high and clean gloss while in use.

Common attribute in the refreshing meat slicer.

There are several forms of refreshing meat slicers with numerous capabilities to provide the needs of homeowners or dining places, commercial cooking areas ...

The normal structure in the new slicer contains 3 pieces: the structure, the blade aspect and also the generator. The structural body consists of heavy, solid stainless-steel, and withstands noise and vibration. Small design and style, so it might be positioned on a cooking area shelf or work desk quite quickly, convenient and easy while in use and move.

Every single refreshing meat slicer is designed with many cutting blades made from professional metallic to ensure that each reduce generates thin and equal slices of meat.

The engine framework of the device is completely new copper wire, durable and strong as time passes. The unit may be operated for many straight several hours without failing.

To find out more information regarding each and every product, please e mail us instantly. Dai Nam Electronic Devices specializes in providing top quality, tough, top quality meat slicers with all the lowest prices currently available.

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